Analyst Coverage

The following analysts have completed research coverage of Titanium Transportation Group Inc. and may be contacted directly for copies of the reports.

Desjardins Capital Markets

Benoit Poirier

+1 514 281 8653

GMP Securities

Ben Jekic

+1 416 943 6108

Macquarie Research

Konark Gupta

+1 416 848 3500

PI Financial

Jason Zandberg

+1 604 718 7541

Cormark Securities

David Tyerman

+1 416 943 6722

The above list is provided for informational purposes only. The opinions, estimates, forecasts or any analysis do not represent opinions, forecasts or analysis of Titanium Transportation Group Inc. or its Management. Titanium Transportation Group Inc. does not by its reference above imply any endorsement of or concurrence with such opinions, estimates or forecasts.